2012 Safe Shopping Guide released by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan

November 19, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The Illinois attorney general's office want to make sure shoppers know which toys and other products for children have been recalled over the last year.

Keeping up with recalled items is more than a fulltime job. Monday, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan released a holiday Safe Shopping Guide for children's products.

While some things are recalled, some are items have changed labeling for adults only, but safety advocates say some products are still attractive to children.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky urged those buying and using items for children to be vigilant in checking for updated recalls.

"One of the challenges of product safety is informing consumers of the dangers of products after they have been purchased, getting to word out to as many people as possible when there is a recall," Schakowsky said.

All of those at Monday's press conference have been pushing for safety standards before products hit the shelves.

The Consumer Product Safety Act is forcing manufacturers to test for safety in some key infant products.

Safety advocates say the movement is encouraging and they are seeing fewer recalls. But there are many more products still not being tested for safety.

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