Walmart workers protest on Black Friday

November 23, 2012 2:23:13 PM PST
On Black Friday, protestors will greet shoppers at many Walmart stores across the nation.

In Chicago, striking Walmart employees from the Chatham neighborhood have gathered in protest.

They say topics include better working conditions, wages and benefits.

They plan to join other food and retail workers at two separate protests planned on Friday.

One Wal-Mart employee says the protest on this busy shopping day ought to send a message to consumers.

"This could be your job," said Jack Williams. "This is a trend in America, then it could be any job then it could be anybody. When it comes to pay Wal-Mart's pay for our associates is comparable or better than our competitors as well as our unionized competitors that are in the area."

Williams went on to say the company does not retaliate against its workers and is happy to hear their concerns.