Man dies on Ike after gas station shooting

January 15, 2013 8:23:58 AM PST
A man died after he was shot at a gas station in the 5200-block of West Jackson and found along the inbound Eisenhower Expressway early Monday.

Police found the 28-year-old man in a minivan near Kostner Avenue.

He was shot multiple times and was dead on arrival at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Although the Cook County medical examiner has not confirmed the man's identity, George Bady Jr. said he believes the victim is his nephew.

Bady identified the victim as Gregory Bady.

Cousin Al Bady said he was shocked.

"He was a good man," Al Bady said. "He was not into anything foul."

The attack happened around 4:30 a.m. Monday at a gas station at Laramie and Jackson in the Austin neighborhood, according to police.

The victim moved back to Illinois from Iowa to be with his family, the Park Forest father of three with the youngest being only a month old.

Residents in the neighborhood and the victim's family are saying that the crime in Chicago has to stop.

"They need to do something about outlawing guns, period. If it was up to me, I would burn every gun I see. I mean, it's hitting home now," said Al Bady.

Police say the victim attempted to drive himself to a hospital.

"He talked about going to trade school and everything, and now this, you know, trying to turn his life around and get on the right track and be a role model for his kids, and this happens," said Al Bady.

"I can't even explain, you know, what the key thing is for me is to stay focused and leave it in God's hands and stay prayerful and lift up my family," said George Bady Jr., victim's uncle.

"He was a good man. He was my blood. He wasn't into anything foul or anything like that. I'm kind of shocked, actually," said Al Bady.

Two far right eastbound lanes on the expressway were closed as investigators collected details.

The van belonged to a female resident in Forest Park.

A clerk said she heard gunfire after the victim and another man paid for gas. She said she didn't see anything, nobody came inside the gas station and they paid for gas through the window.

Authorities said after the shooting, the man drove himself to the location where he was later found.

Police have not said what type of weapon was used in the attack and if that weapon was recovered. They have also not commented on a motive.

Police are interviewing a woman who reportedly was with the victim inside the minivan, according to police.

She was not harmed, authorities said.

Detectives are also not confirming if surveillance video from the gas station and another location on Kostner gave them any indication as to who committed the crime.