Giant Bridgeport warehouse fire reignites

January 24, 2013 6:36:25 PM PST
A massive warehouse blaze that burned for hours Tuesday night into Wednesday reignited Thursday morning.

Firefighters stomped out the fire's latest attempt to re-exert itself.

Flames shot from the second and third floors of the abandoned warehouse that was the scene of the major fire Tuesday night, one of the biggest the city has seen in a decade.

The fire response Thursday was not nearly as huge as it was Tuesday night. The building got a fresh coat of water, which means a fresh coating of ice.

It is already caked in ice. Firefighters have been concerned about the structural integrity of what remains of the warehouse, and the fire re-exerting itself and millions of gallons more of water that is quickly turning to ice is certainly going to test the building's ability to continue to stand.

Ashland Avenue has never been reopened at 38th Street in the Bridgeport neighborhood.

Three walls and the roof of the warehouse have already collapsed. Firefighters are hoping to keep the rest of the structure from caving in.

It has been discovered that the building is owned by convicted developer Calvin Boender, who was found guilty of bribing Alderman Ike Carothers to get a zoning change.