Battle brews over poisoned lottery winner's estate

January 24, 2013 2:47:28 PM PST
A legal battle is brewing over the estate of a poisoned lottery winner.

An attorney for Urooj Khan's widow, Shabana Ansari, wants his client to receive Khan's assets, even though he did not leave a will leaving them to her.

Khan died last July before he could cash his $425,000 lottery check.

Medical examiners did not suspect foul play at the time, but when relatives asked investigators to take a closer look, the M.E. found cyanide in his system.

Anasari's attorney says for now his client will keep running the businesses Khan left behind.

"Assets especially ongoing businesses and dry cleaners, as soon as you stop them the value of them goes down incredibly," said attorney Al-Haroon Husain. "So it's in the best interest of all Shabada, the in-laws, everybody because the value of them will stay up."

So far, no criminal charges have been filed in Khan's case.

His body was exhumed last Friday for an autopsy that could help in his homicide investigation.

An attorney representing khan's daughter and brothers declined a comment today.

Both sides are back in court in two weeks.