Freezing rain moves through Chicago area

January 28, 2013 3:05:13 AM PST
Freezing rain made roads and sidewalks a real hazard all over the Chicago area as a winter storm made its way through the area on Sunday.

From the city to the suburbs, salt truck drivers were working hard trying to keep ice from accumulating on roads.

Scraping, salting and hopefully not slipping. The off and on rain, combined with freezing temperatures made for some slick streets and sidewalks Sunday night.

"Been in most the weekend trying not to come out in the and now I see why," said Raymond Bird. "It's like an ice skating rink out here."

"At my age I don't want to break any bones," said Hyde Park resident Susan Alitto.

So, Hyde Park resident Susan Alitto took it slow as she salted her stairs and side walk after returning from a short trip in the car.

"I went slowly not taking any chances, started, crept around the corners," said John Corrigan.

That is how Corrigan plans to drive as he heads to the airport to pick up his wife, but first he needs to de-ice his car.

"When I got out here the entire car was marble tabletop covered in ice," he said.

The icy roads caused a few accidents. However, between Chicago and IDOT, there were plenty of salt trucks to keep the main roads clear.

"If you see the trucks, please give them a wide birth, not plowing just spraying...that is out there," said Mike Claffey, IDOT.

Because it took a while for Mother Nature to figure out what she wanted to do Sunday, salt trucks were in standby mode until later in the afternoon when the freezing rain arrived.

Despite the threat of an ice storm, many didn't let it stop them from enjoying a crummy weather day. The ice rink was busy and so was the Sled Hill at Soldier Field, where manmade snow makes it possible for kids to have a real winter.

The weather also caused problems at Chicago's O-Hare Airport, where officials there say more than 200 flights have been cancelled so far, and some flights have been delayed for up to 45 minutes.

There are minor cancellations and delays being reported at Midway Airport, as well.