Couple with Down syndrome celebrates Valentine's Day

February 14, 2013 10:02:30 AM PST
Everyone wants to be loved.

A young couple with Down syndrome found love after meeting as toddlers.

Michael Asher, 25, and Tara Diedrich, 24, have been dating for eight years.

"We really love movies, go out for dinner," said Diedrich. "We had the past two gala's, we went together. We also did some dancing. His high school had Best Buddies dances."

Their biggest challenge is seeing each other because of the distance between them.

"We don't see each other too often, but I might try and set up a date to maybe do a movie and a lunch or a dinner, depends on what he wants," Diedrich said.

Love among people with Down syndrome is growing, says Nancy Gianni, founder of GiGi's Playhouse and mother of a 10-year-old with Down syndrome.

"Our adult populations, there's a lot of love going on during Friday Friends," said Gianni. "We do a lot of dance nights. We do a lot of movie nights, and you know they are just like anybody else, they have feelings."

"The biggest concerns is being taken advantage of," Gianni said. "You know, our kids tend to see the good in people, and you don't want someone to come in and take advantage of your child. Nobody wants that. And you want them to be protected from that."

As Valentine's Day was getting closer, I asked Michael what he has planned for Tara.

"I might get her flowers or something like a card or jewelry, because she's very obsessed with jewelry," he said.

Diedrich would someday like it to be a ring.

"If he can afford the price of the ring, yes," Diedrich said.

Both Tara and Michael have jobs. They are also involved with Special Olympics.