Lake Shore Drive motorist helps catch rape suspect

February 14, 2013 2:47:06 PM PST
What would you do if you were motoring south on Lake Shore Drive and you spot a female jogger running off the bike path, going between cars, clearly in a panic?

It happened along the lake, near 63rd Street. That motorist turned out to be a hero, helping to capture an alleged rapist.

Donny "Donnel" Jones says the whole experience was like something out of a movie.

The attack happened Wednesday afternoon near Jackson Harbor as the south suburban Markham resident happened to be driving on South Lake Shore Drive. That's when the 38-year-old father saw a woman trying to flag down anyone.

As traffic stopped, the woman frantically banged on Jones' car window and asked if she could get in, saying she had just been attacked.

"She said a man just attacked me, a man just tried to rape me, and she pointed northbound," said Jones.

Jones saw the suspected attacker running away and took chase with two other motorists.

Jones tackled the suspect and says, when he resisted, he knocked him out.

"Every time he tried to get up, I tried to knock his teeth out, literally," Jones said. "It could have been my sister. It could have been my mother, my auntie, anything like that."

Police arrived and arrested 24-year-old Brandon Williams of Calumet Park. The registered sex offender was charged with criminal sexual abuse.

Those who know Jones best say they are not surprised by his heroic actions.

"I'm so proud of him that I could cry," said his mother. "At the same time, when I realize what he did, I'm frightened."

The 36-year-old victim whom Jones saved did thank him.

Thursday afternoon, at the Chicago Heights restaurant he owns with his brother, Jones, who is also an aspiring gospel singer, says he is just glad he was in the right place at the right time.

"The chances of me being right there at the right place," Jones said. "It's nothing but God."