STDs on dramatic rise in the U.S. especially amongst youth

February 14, 2013 2:58:48 PM PST
20 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases are estimated to be diagnosed every year in the U.S.

What's even more surprising is that over half of those infections are showing up in 15 to 24-years-olds.

Kristie Johnson of Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital suspects that part of the problem is a distorted view of what is or isn't risky.

"They need to be educated we need to be more open about those things when we are teaching them in a health class," Johnson said.

Most of the increase comes from two diseases: HPV and chlamydia.

Gonorrhea cases in the U.S. are also climbing, mostly because the disease is resistant to many antibiotics. It's an uncomfortable topic but therapists say more parents need to get comfortable talking with their children and family physicians.