Local women on board infamous Carnival 'Triumph' recount nighmare cruise

February 14, 2013 8:50:31 PM PST
Two local women, one from Chicago and one from Evanston, experienced the drama on the infamous Carnival Triumph cruise ship.

Sandeep Berry, 30, recounted the floating nightmare that is the Triumph.

"What we've been sleeping on is basically sewage," she said in a phone interview. "And they've given us these orange biohazard bags to go to the bathroom in."

Berry, who's traveling with her mother, sent us photos of the filthy conditions and her dinner, a plate of fruit.

The fruit was better than the other food alternatives on board.

"They had burgers the other day, but people started getting sick, so I don't know if they just stopped serving the burgers altogether," she said.

With sources of power scarce, it's been a challenge keeping cell phones charged and passengers are resorting to makeshift signs to communicate through television.

Back in Evanston, robocalls from Carnival had been the only source of direct information for Berry's husband until he finally spoke with his wife Thursday.

"Up until the last, I'd say, eight or so hours it's been pretty much 72 hours, roughly, of radio silence. There's been nothing," husband Thomas Berry said.

Also on board is Rian Tipton of Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood who sent us a photo of the virtual tent city where she's been sleeping.

"I think there's a lot of questions to be answered from everybody," Tipton said. "I know that, in speaking with other passengers, they've got a bunch of questions too."

However Thursday evening land is all passengers can think of.

"My mom and I are going to take pictures of our feet as soon as we touch the ground," Sandeep Berry said.