Cab driver sex assault suspect allegedly raped, abused suburban passengers

February 26, 2013 2:52:34 PM PST
A suburban cab driver is charged with sexually assaulting a female passenger.

Eric Chung is also charged with a second incident earlier this month.

In court Tuesday, prosecutors called the 29-year-old cab driver a real and present danger to the community.

"He used his employment as a cab driver to lure innocent young women into this cab, a place where they thought they would be safe," said assistant state's attorney Maria McCarthy.

Chung is charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated criminal sexual abuse in two separate cases. One dates back to February 2. The other stems from an alleged February 24 incident.

In both instances, prosecutors say, Chung trolled a popular Prospect Heights nightclub for fares in the early morning hours, attacking the women at different locations.

"The only reason that he stopped committing these offenses is because he was caught red-handed by the police," McCarthy said.

In court, prosecutors said Chung was not affiliated with any cab service at the time of the attacks, though he apparently kept the markings of a previous company on his vehicle, leading three young women to believe they were safe when they got into his car around 4 a.m. Sunday.

"He subsequently tried to grope them and attack them," said Schaumburg Deputy Police Chief Paul Rizzo. "Two were able to get out of the cab, one was not. He drove away with her in the car. Her two friends immediately called police."

Schaumburg police say Chung was arrested Sunday morning in an office building parking lot just off of Algonquin Road.

"The attack was in progress," said Rizzo. "The victim was screaming inside the vehicle."

Although Chung is, so far, only charged in these two separate attacks, police say they are looking at other similar open cases in surrounding communities to see if they can be linked back to him.