Indianapolis restaurant hires teen who walked 10 miles for job interview

Jhaqueil Reagan

February 26, 2013 12:54:39 PM PST
What are you willing to do to get a job?

Are you willing to walk 10 miles after an ice storm for a minimum wage job interview? That's exactly what 18-year-old Jhaqueil Reagan was in the process of doing on Friday in Indianapolis.

On the way, Reagan ran into restaurant owner Art Bouvier and asked him for directions.

Later, Bouvier was driving around doing errands and saw Reagan still walking. He pulled over and hired him on the spot for a job at his restaurant.

"I decided I can't afford to pass you up, because anybody that's going to walk 10 miles to an interview in the snow and ice will definitely get here for work on a sunny day," Bouvier said.

"I really don't know what to say about it," said Reagan. "It's overwhelming."

Reagan says he learned his work ethic from his dad. He is hoping to be able to get his own apartment soon so he can live closer to work.