Wheaton North Booster Club ex-president charged in theft

March 10, 2013 10:00:00 PM PDT
A suburban woman is charged with stealing nearly $11,000 from the Wheaton North Booster Club, where she is the former president.

There was no comment Monday night from Dorothy Horky, the former booster club president accused of "boosting" money from the group she was supposed to support.

"I think frankly everyone was shocked," said Wheaton North parent Debbie Krull.

DuPage County prosecutors say Horky, who ran the Wheaton North Booster Club for five years, promised fellow parents that she cut up the club's credit card when her term was over in 2011.

Instead, she's charged with using the American Express card to take out a series of cash advances totaling $10,985.

The booster club raises money to help everything from sports programs to scholarships. Fellow parents were so trusting that when they noticed the missing money in November, they first assumed it was a bank error or identity theft.

"Supposedly she's been here for a lot of years and worked at another school as well," Krull said.

"It's a little sad that someone would do something like that with money that's supposed to be for the kids," said Kevin Krull.

Despite the alleged theft, the Wheaton North Booster Club is not out any money because American Express, the company that handles the credit cards decided to reverse the charges after learning the circumstances.