'Jitney' cab driver shot to death in Princeton Park area

March 19, 2013 9:45:35 AM PDT
A ''jitney'' cab driver has died four days after he was shot during a robbery.

The driver was shot on Thursday in Chicago's Princeton Park neighborhood on the South Side. Police say he was driving an unlicensed taxi when he was robbed.

Police say the unlicensed cab driver picked up the two suspects at the intersection of West 85th Street and South Parnell Avenue. Apparently, they didn't want a ride--they wanted to rob the driver, 48-year-old Edwin Obazuaye.

Investigators say, on Thursday evening, the male suspects got into Obazuaye's unmarked cab and demanded his possessions. At least one of the robbers started shooting in the vicinity of 91st and South Lafayette, striking the "jitney" cab driver in the head and back.

Obazuaye was hospitalized for four days before he died Monday night.

Police say the two suspects fled on foot after the shooting. It is unclear what they stole. Regardless, those men are now wanted for murder.