Rosemont mayor wants Cubs to move from Wrigley

March 20, 2013 5:36:04 AM PDT
Could a change of scenery put an end to the World Series drought for the Chicago Cubs? A northwest suburban mayor seems to think so.

Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens, who happens to be a Sox fan, is interested in the Cubs business.

For almost a century, the Wrigley Field structure on the corner of Clark and Addison has been home to the Cubs.

It serves as a tourist attraction and is a part of history, fans say.

While the city and the Cubs are working out a deal for more night games and signage, Stephens is offering the Cubs 25 acres of land to build a new Wrigley Field.

"We know how to entertain people, and we think the Cubs would be the crowning jewel of the entertainment that we already provide," Stephens said.

"I think it's awful. The Chicago Cubs are meant to be in Chicago. They can't leave," said Cubs fan Danielle Amato.

But Stephens argues that Rosemont's amusement tax is three percent, while Chicago's is 12 percent.

The plot of land that Rosemont has proposed sits between the Tri-State Tollyway and the O'Hare Airport runways- a much different environment than the current location.

Some fans believe a change in environment may serve the team well.

"Maybe they're getting stifled in this neighborhood," said Cubs fan Meg Munaretto. "?I don't know if it would help from an economic standpoint."

If the Cubs do take Stephens up on the offer, he says he may become a fan of the team.

"I am a Sox fan but I am a politician and I could flip flop," Stephens said.