Roland Martin CNN days numbered, Twitter account indicates

March 20, 2013 7:42:08 AM PDT
Roland Martin has all but outright announced on his Twitter account that he's leaving CNN when his contract is up in April.

His verified account, @rolandsmartin, tweeted, "I will continue my daily segment to the 8 million listeners on @TJMShow; will continue @TVOneTV #WashingtonWatch; and my syndicated column."

Martin contributes to the Tom Joyner Morning Show on radio, and to TV One with a "Washington Watch" segment. He assured followers his "voice won't be silenced." "I'm getting a kick out of folks who think I'm retreating to a monastery when my @cnn deal expires," he tweeted.

In a retweet, Martin indicates he broke the story to Politico. The anchor and reporter retweeted several supportive tweets from followers, including former CNN colleague T.J. Holmes..

"Congrats @rolandsmartin on a great run at #CNN! Amazing what u've been able 2 do & build. Thx 4 being a great friend, counselor, & advocate," he tweeted.