Crash, shooting on NW Side might be road rage

March 23, 2013 6:58:11 AM PDT
Police are investigating a possible case of road rage that led to a shooting and crash in Jefferson Park on the city's Northwest Side.

"This corner's bad. They're accidents here all the time," Nick Manzella said.

Officials say occupants of a black Mercedes SUV opened fire on a white Cadillac Escalade just before 6 a.m. in the 4500-block of North Lavergne after a traffic alteration.

"My daughter my wife and I we heard about five to six shots, quick succession, ran to the window, saw a Cadillac take off north," neighborhood resident Bob Tamillo said.

A 37-year-old passenger in the Escalade was seriously injured with a gunshot wound to the back. They stopped for help near Avondale and Nagle, while the Mercedes sped away, only to collide with another motorist at Foster and Nagle.

"I was driving north, they ran a red light. I didn't see them flee. The air bag went off, I didn't see much after that," said the driver.

Police say three men and a woman abandoned the Mercedes, and two guns were recovered from that vehicle.