Classical music composer is "Driven by Faith"

March 24, 2013 9:18:23 PM PDT
A former Northwestern University student is composing classical music pieces that are being performed at NYC's Carnegie Hall-all without any prior musical training.

Earnestine Robinson says she discovered her talent years ago when she volunteered to help plan her church's simple Easter program and the sound even surprised her.

"I said you don't understand, I don't write music; I don't play a musical instrument. This is something that's happened and I don't why, but it happened," she said.

Robinson's first musical piece was performed at Carnegie Hall in 1997 and then another one premiered there in 2001.

During a Palm Sunday service Sunday morning, soprano singer Elizabeth Norman performed one of her compositions.

Robinson kicked off her national book tour Sunday; her book "Driven by Faith" talks about her life as a composer.