Spring wedding flowers

''Design Star'' by Michael Gaffney

March 25, 2013 10:27:29 AM PDT
While the weather isn't cooperating, many brides-to-be are still working hard on plans for a spring wedding.

Flowers are a big part of the big day, but you don't have to spend a fortune to impress your guests and get a beautiful look. Michael Gaffney has become a household name in the floral world and has many fabulous DIY tips and trends for all your wedding needs.

Gaffney's top bridal trends:

1. Avoid super tall and full centerpieces at receptions this year and focus on sophisticated simplicity. Take two Casablanca lily stems and place them in a vase - the dramatic blossoms and sweet scent create a very chic look. This design is also much more budget friendly option!

2. Cascade bouquets are making a comeback and will be huge this year. I've created a fun updated cascade design for brides. It's a hand-tied bouquet with lots of Italian Ruscus designed to spill over like a waterfall with beautiful calla lilies tied in throughout.

3. Lush full flowers: Brides will put quite the emphasis on roses, hydrangeas and peonies in 2013.

a. Peonies are the most requested bridal flower and wonderfully fragrant.

b. Roses are a great summer flower and relatively affordable, try Ecuadorian or Colombian roses ? they stay open longer!

c. When picking hydrangeas, avoid antique hydrangeas as they can be up to $24 a stem! Try the classic green hydrangea with the wine colored stem for the same feel.

4. Flower petal touches: Decorating aisles and tables with rose petals isn't cheap ? try stock blossoms instead.

5. Green Garlands: This very chic and budget-friendly trend fills up rooms in a beautiful way. Drape garlands made of seeded eucalyptus, palm branches, monster and lemon leafs on aisles and throughout the reception to create a beautiful and whimsical feel.

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