Drivers could be fined for having dog in lap under proposed Illinois bill

[FILE] 'Yuki', President Lyndon Johnson's pet mongrel, is held out the window of the car driven by LBJ as the first family starts a ride around the Texas ranch in Stonewall, Texas, Sept. 30, 1967. Johnson, driver for the outing, is holding Yuki. In the car are Lady Bird Johnson, Pat and Luci Nugent, Lynda Bird and Marine Capt. Charles Robb. (AP Photo)

March 29, 2013 11:33:44 AM PDT
Do you drive with a dog in your lap? And, should you?

U.S. President Lyndon Johnson did it-- at least once, as seen in the photo above, in which he's shown holding a dog at the window of the driver's side on the family's Texas ranch in 1967.

But what about on Chicago's busy streets? A bill in front of the Illinois General Assembly would amend the Illinois Vehicle Code to make it a violation for people to drive while holding a pet on their lap- unless in a commercial motor vehicle or agricultural motor vehicle.

While police couldn't stop a car just because a person has a pet on his or her lap, but a $25 fine for the petty offense could be tacked on if another violation occurs.

The bill is sponsored in the Illinois House by Representatives Daniel V. Beiser and Daniel J. Burke.