Food blogger asks Kraft to stop using dye in mac and cheese

April 1, 2013 (NORTHFIELD, Ill.)

"Today is a monumental achievement. People have been trying to get artificial dyes out of their food for years," said Vani Hari, food blogger.

Hari and another food blogger posted a petition on, asking Kraft to stop using yellow 5 and yellow 6 dyes in its macaroni and cheese.

Then, Hari and some volunteers stood outside of Kraft's Northfield-based offices. Eventually, Hari was invited inside.

"If Kraft leads the way with this change, they will be able to offer a better, safer version of their signature products and help regain the trust of 275,000 people who've signed the petition," said Hari.

The dyes are not illegal, and Kraft says the FDA has deemed them safe. However, Hari says they have been linked to causing hyperactivity in children.

The company does not use the artificial coloring in the UK versions of its products. Hari is urging Kraft to consider selling the UK versions in the US.

"Since Kraft voluntarily started using paprika and beta carotene in their cheesy pasta in the UK, I believe they can do the same here in the US," said Hari.

After meeting with Hari, Kraft released a statement saying it remains committed to offering choices, which is why it offers 14 varieties of mac and cheese with natural colors or no colors at all.

Kraft says it has no plans to change the recipe for the original mac and cheese.

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