Chicago Red Stars model fitness fashions

April 2, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The Red Stars are one of 8 teams selected to compete in the new league that was formed and organized by the U.S. Soccer Federation. The team includes Olympic Gold Medal winners and member of the U.S. National Women's team. Today, they are focused on fitness fashions, showing off the newest looks in workout gear for running, yoga, spin class or the basic gym.

Check out for further details or follow the team on twitter @chicagoredstars and

Model 1: Zakiya Bywaters in yoga outfit (Posh Essentials: 658 Central Ave, Highland Park 847-945-7674)

  • Daisy Wear Fitness/Margarita top, $75
  • Daisy Wear Fitness/Lululemon, $78
  • Daisy Wear /Margarita Jacket, $110
  • Lululemon yoga at, $68 at Lululemon

Model 2: Leslie Osborne in a running outfit ( )

  • Shoes ($85): New Balance Training
  • Jacket ($65): Calvin Klein Performance - Quick Dry
    This collection provides "wicking" properties which allows moisture to quickly evaporate and keep you dry.
  • Tank ($40): Calvin Klein Performance
  • Pants ($50): Calvin Klein Performance

Model 3: Taryn Hemmings in a cycling outfit (Flywheel Sports, 710 N. State, Chicago 312-624-8485)

  • Solow racer back tank, $48 at Flywheel
  • Strut This legging, $70 at Flywheel
  • Flywheel Shoe, $125 at Flywheel
  • Bandana, $12 at Flywheel

Model 4: Ella Masar in a gym (cardio class) outfit (Gilt Women and

  • Pants, $98 at Equinox
  • Saucony shoes, $89 at Gilt
  • Tank Top, $22 at Gilt
  • Nike jacket, $75 at Equinox
  • Bag, $65 at Equinox

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