Girl wears thrift store clothes as punishment

Kaylee Lindstrom, 10, is a self-proclaimed fashionista.

May 23, 2013 2:30:55 PM PDT
A couple of Utah parents found a novel way to stop their 10-year-old daughter from bullying a classmate.

Kaylee Lindstrom is a self-proclaimed fashionista who teased another girl about her clothes.

When Kaylee's parents heard about it, they took her shopping at a thrift store and urged her to find the ugliest clothes there. Kaylee didn't realize her parents were going to make her wear those clothes to school.

What was it like wearing them to school?

"Terrible," said Kaylee Lindstrom. "Like, why would they do that to me? I'm still a normal person. It doesn't matter what you wear."

Kaylee later apologized to the girl she had bullied. She says they're not just friends now, they're sisters.

Some have criticized Kaylee's parents, saying the humiliation could harm her self-esteem.