Another round of storms expected Friday

May 31, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Showers and thunderstorms are pushing their way through the Missouri, which could reach the area by mid- and late Friday.

"We could see what we saw yesterday," ABC7's Tracy Butler said. "We could see some of the strongest storms push through into the early morning [Saturday]."

Storms pushed through overnight, leaving wet roads behind. Several small crashes were reported overnight and early Friday morning, but nothing major as of 6 a.m.

"Take it easy out there," ABC7's Roz Varon reminded drivers.

Storm clean-up across Chicago area

Meanwhile, cleanup continues in parts of the Chicago area that were hit hardest. Several trees were knocked down in Kankakee, some damaged homes.

"The storm came through, a real big gust of wind came. It knocked part of a tree into the house. We have two holes in the roof," Cheryl Brouillet, who lives in Aroma Park, said.

Residents are also dealing with downed trees and power lines in Indiana, where quarter-size hail fell.

"A bunch of ice all over the place," Mary Powers said. "And leaves everywhere. It looked like a min tornado came through here."

In Schererville, officials believe lightning caused a fire at the roof of a condo building. Everyone made it out safely, but 31 people are homeless.

"Mom is pretty devastated. She feels homeless," said Jerry Bazarko, whose 84-year-old mother is staying at his house. Her second-floor condo was destroyed by fire possibly sparked by a lightning strike during Thurday's storms. Bazarko is trying to get inside her unit to grab things she needs.

" I'm interested in getting her medicine right now, and if I can get in there and get some personal belongings," he said.

It took firefighters more than six hours to put out the fire that damaged 24 units with smoke, water and flame.

"We're just glad everyone was able to get out. Everyone is safe and from my understanding there were no injuries," said Tom Schmitt Schererville council member, 4th Ward.

Jack David also says his mom needs her medicine and she doesn't have anything left except her cell phone and her purse.

"I feel real bad because there were a lot of elderly in this building. I mean, the four units down on the second floor toward the east were all people over I think 75, 80," he said.

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