Students claim classmate ran off with trip funds

June 1, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Seniors at Alcott High School for the Humanities on the North Side were planning a trip before their graduation. They say the person they designated to take charge walked away with their money.

A group of friends getting ready to head to college, decided to have one last "hoorah" together.

Since their school didn't have funds in the budget for a senior trip, they pitched in their own money, close to $200 each to go away for a short weekend.

They say they designated their friend and classmate to make the reservations and collect money.

"We gave him that role. Well, he kind of took that role, we trusted him," said Dyanie Canet.

They said they had no idea they were going to get ripped off.

The bus they chartered arrived.

"We had luggage, we had groceries, we were ready to go," Canet said.

The driver wanted money, claiming he had never been paid. The students stood there for hours with no place to go, and no money left. The group says their classmate acted helpless and kept giving them the runaround.

So they went to police.

The group had countless documents backing their story.

Police filed a report telling them their classmate, who is not being named since he hasn't been charged, could face felony theft charges for allegedly stealing $3,600 from the group.

But, it's more than just money to them, they say.

"Not only did we lose a friend but we lost on an opportunity to be with our friends for the last time," said Canet.

Their parents say this was a great lesson to learn before they all head out to college.

"They did a really good job in handling this whole situation like adults," said parent Lydia Salinas.

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