Healing sunburns

June 4, 2013

Being outside, lying on the beach are all rites of summer. But if you stay too long in the sun, it can lead to a sunburn. Best way to treat a burn? Follow these steps.

"There's a lot inflammation going on. So you need to take an ibuprofen such as an Advil or Motrin, that will help with that. low-dose hydrocortisone cream, over the counter, 1 percent, that can help soothe the skin as well."

Taking a cool bath can also help. Add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda or white vinegar.

"Pat dry, softly and gently after the bath and then lubricate or moisturize yourself with vitamin E lotion or aloe vera."

And when you begin to blister and peel, keep hands off to avoid infection.

"Best to just leave them alone, let them resolve. If they pop put a little bit of antibacterial ointment. "

If you've spent hours in the sun and the burn is really severe, you may want to seek medical help.

"If the burn occupies more than 25 percent of the body surface area, or you get severe blistering, those are signs you need to seek out a medical professional."

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