Prince Harry shows off chopper skills

June 10, 2013 (SHROPSHIRE, England)

The royal thrilled the crowd in a surprise performance at an air show in Shropshire, England.

Harry, known in the British military as "Captain Wales," served as co-pilot while his crew performed some fancy tricks on an Apache attack helicopter. The 28-year-old was chosen because of his experience in the attack chopper.

It was his first ever hair-raising Apache attack helicopter display. Captain Wales was co-pilot as the deadly machine twisted virtually onto its back to the awe of crowds at the RAF Cosford Air Show in Shropshire, England, The Sun reported.

Star-struck spectators had no idea the Soldier Prince would be part of the display team - until his presence was casually announced. It was 28-year-old Harry's first stint in an aerial-acrobatic helicopter show team as the pilot appeared to cheat gravity with rolls, the British newspaper said.

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