Cat-gratulations! 'Graduation cat cake' bakery mistake goes viral

June 20, 2013 1:40:06 PM PDT
It was a graduation send-off for an Indiana University student that went hilariously wrong. We introduce to you: the cat cake.

This is the cake that has gone viral since a photo of it was posted on Facebook.

Carol Gambrel ordered a cake for her daughter's graduation.

It was supposed to have a picture of her face and a graduation cap drawn on top of her head.

The baker misheard the instructions and drew a cat on her head instead.

"We had so many laughs about it. We thought, you would think since we gave them the phone number that they might call, and ask are you sure you want a cat on the head? Let's see, diploma, congratulations.. Yeah, this cake is screaming for a cat on the head," said Carol Gambrel, mother.

Carol says the baker offered to scrape the cat off of the cake and put a cap on it.

But she wanted to take it home the way it was to give everyone a good laugh.