Severe storms strike Chicago area for 4th day straight

June 27, 2013 (HAMMOND, Ind.)

Hammond is in the dark tonight, as street lights are out and businesses are closed after a storm blasted the city, triggering a power outage. The winds blew down a huge tree, which then toppled and damaged a home in central Hammond.

"The foundation is the most damaged. When the tree fell, it pushed the foundation inward," said Angela Brooks, Hammond resident.

Police say much of the damage is in Central Hammond. No one was injured here, but the wind blew down

"I looked around and saw the whole side of the wall caved in, tv hit the ground. It was crazy," said Louis Jones, Hammond resident.

In Illinois, high winds blasted Cicero.

"A lot of power lines down, lot of trees down, power lines, trees on buildings, things like that. So we got everybody out working diligently trying to remove it," said Dominick Buscemi, Cicero Fire Department.

Trees crashed on top of homes and cars, creating problems for residents.

"I had just gotten here from work, and couple minutes after the wind started coming again, just like on Monday. But this time it was with a lot of rain. After that rain started pouring and then that's when the tree fell on top of my truck," said Marisol Perez.

In addition, major delays were reported at O'Hare and Midway airports on Thursday afternoon.

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