Man chases alleged robber in Gold Coast after fireworks

July 8, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Gary Dailey chased down the 18-year-old man who is now charged in the robbery. Dailey said he heard the woman's screams in the pedestrian tunnel at Division Street and Lake Shore Drive.

As the real estate broker left the fireworks display on the lakefront, he walked in the tunnel under Lake Shore Drive when he says a teenager tried to take his cell phone. But he slapped his hand down. A short time later, he said he heard screaming and says he witnessed an 18-year-old attack a mother with her child and steal her cell phone.

"When I saw him actually, physically twist her arm I felt my face get very flushed. I was very angry. All I was thinking about was catching the SOB and getting back her phone," Dailey said.

Dailey said there were about 40-50 teenagers inside the tunnel. Dailey says the teen went running toward him and went up the underpass stairs heading north on Lake Shore Drive.

Dailey said he chased him for three to four blocks and pointed him out to police officers. Police arrested Quejuan Henley, who is now later charged with robbery. One of the officers took Dailey to meet the victim.

"She said, 'Gosh, it was so nice of you.' She just gave me a hug and said, 'Thanks so much.' The little boy hugged me, and that is when someone else handed her phone back," Dailey said.

Dailey's brother is a Chicago police office who says no one gets involved when they see someone being harmed or a crime taking place.

"My brother would say many times, the police department in Chicago is the bandage, but the citizens have to be the cure," Dailey said. "If more men started doing that, these criminals would think twice if they knew more people were going to step in and help... I have hundreds of e-mails from people that said they are going to start doing that."

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