Record cold hits Chicago area

July 27, 2013 (CHICAGO)

A parade of colorful boats lit up the lakefront. Venetian Night Chicago is making a chilly comeback at 31st Street Beach instead of Monroe Harbor. It was an annual summer tradition that was canceled in 2009 due to budget constraints. Saturday night families bundled up to welcome it back.

This is the coolest July weekend in decades, nearly 20 degrees below normal. People who went to the Taste of Lincoln Avenue had to dig out their jackets and scarves.

"Although I'm wearing a scarf in the middle of July it's still fun to be out here you still feel the spirit of Chicago," said Jaime Brown.

"Shocking to be honest with you but you know want to enjoy the street fair and dress appropriately to be able to do that," said Randy Borek.

Saturday's temperatures are more typical of mid-October.

People at the Aurora Puerto Rican Heritage Festival wore extra layers and those who couldn't stay away from the beach like Ramona Price wrapped herself up in a pink blanket and barbecued with her family. "This is a relief from the heat that we had it had been so hot so this is really a relief," she said.

This is just the latest in what's been a strange year of weather.

While some do enjoy the cool temperatures, most just want to be able to get out and enjoy a normal Chicago summer.

"You know, with the winters we get here summer is what most people look forward to and it would be nice to actually have it," said runner Scott Zissman.

The calendar may say July 27, but Saturday's temperatures are more typical of mid-October, which means people all over Chicago are digging out jackets.

"It's kind of nice, we're coming from Texas so it's like 100 down there," said tourist Kyle Roberts. "Get a light jacket some jeans, it's good for a change."

"It's enjoyable to be outside keep moving around and you'll stay warm if you're sitting down at a restaurant you'll probably be a little chilly," said Chicago resident Stephen Bates.

Qi Zeng is getting married on a boat. She's getting cold feet, but only in the literal sense.

"I'm fine but I'm concerned about my bridesmaids," she said. "They're kind of like getting cold."

The Morrison family from Cleveland bundled up on the Mag Mile.

"So I wasn't prepared so thank god my future daughter-in-law had a coat for me today," Linda Morrison said.

With outdoor festivals going on all weekend, people at the 42nd annual Aurora Puerto Rican Heritage Fest at River Edge Park are feeling the chill.

"I don't understand why it's summer and I feel like I should have a sweater on right now. It's pretty ridiculous," said Monica Rodriguez.

The chill is supposed to stay on Sunday, but it is expected to feel more like summer on Monday.

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