Family budgets stretched by back-to-school shopping

August 8, 2013 (CHICAGO)

ABC7's Theresa Gutierrez reports that families are working with a tighter budget this year.

Daniel Pimentel and his two daughters have already selected some items at their local Walmart store. Two-year-old Daxia is happy with her crayons and notebook. Pimentel says he is shopping in stages.

"We have come here and started picking a little bit at a time and probably coming back on Saturday or Sunday to finish the list," said Daniel Pimentel, shopper.

"I need some more folders, maybe some more pens and teacher aid school supplies that we might need," said Donette Pimentel, shopper.

Alma Moreno says her daughters will be able to re-use some of the items left over from last year. Sandra, 16, says she is looking for bargains.

"Just anything that basically has a low price," said Sandra Moreno, student.

Moises Perez has loaded his shopping cart with school items. He and his wife need to buy supplies for three daughters.

"This is only the beginning, my wife is still looking for the supplies that we need," said Moises Perez, father. "My wife estimated around $500-600. I think it is time for them to go back to school."

"Families are expected to spend an average of $635 on school supplies this year, half of that on apparel, shoes and clothing," said Erica Jones, senior manager of communications, Walmart.

High school junior Aniela Duda is spending the day shopping with her mom, sister and cousin.

"I need tab dividers, pencils, cases, folders. Binders lots of stuff. . . If I don't have things that I need at home it gets more expensive," said Aniela Duda, student.

Aniela's mother Maria expects to spend more than $600 for the school year.

"I agree with that especially when you add cost of book bags and electronics . . .it is probably even more," said Maria Duda.

Walmart officials say that costs are down this year by at least by $50. Also, the new trend is neon colors on everything from notebooks to pencils, including all brand items.

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