Man stranded on Jet Ski rescued

September 7, 2013 (CHICAGO)

It happened Saturday afternoon near the 63rd Street Crib when two brothers were out jet skiing.

Ricky Martin ran out of fuel but his brother, Jim Martin, didn't know and took off back to shore.

When Jim realized his brother wasn't there, he called for help.

While the Chicago Fire Department was out looking for him, two good Samaritans came along and towed Ricky Martin back to shore.

"We knew he had a problem because we saw the other jet ski pull off and leave him, and it was like 20 minutes before we went by, and then he waved to us, let us know he needed help," said George Richardson.

"I saw helicopters flew by, and fire trucks coming by, and the ambulance, so yes, quite an ordeal," Ricky Martin said.

Martin says he didn't realize the massive search that was on because of him.

When authorities realized he had returned safely to shore, the search was called off.

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