At least 1 dead, more bodies possible at SW Side home near 83rd, Scottsdale

October 4, 2013 (CHICAGO)

It's a mystery as to what unfolded at this Scottsdale home, however, the medical examiner's office says a man's body was discovered there.

There were emotions and tears Friday night after a gruesome discovery.

"They have found body parts down there. Exactly how many body parts and how many bodies, I do not know," said Dave Weller, neighbor.

Chopper7 was live over the scene Friday afternoon where officials were seen digging and sifting through dirt in the backyard of a home. Police have little to say about the ongoing investigation, but do confirm it is a death investigation. It appears they are concentrating their efforts in the backyard of a non-descript home in the middle of the block.

Neighbors say a husband and wife live in the home, along with their teenage daughter. Neighbors say the teenager has 3 children and is expecting a fourth, and was having trouble with different fathers.

"I guess she has different baby daddies so maybe it's an issue with that, and she's pregnant at the moment," said Kayla Taylor, neighbor.

"Boyfriends against each other. Old boyfriend, new boyfriend," said Weller.

The medical examiner's office does confirm one man is dead. Police say the investigation started at 11 a.m. on Friday. They are not discussing motive, but neighbors say some of the investigators have shared information with the residents.

The alleged crime has certainly rattled neighbors.

"They usually didn't talk to other people that much, they usually talked to themselves, stuck to themselves," said Sandra Velasco, neighbor.

"It seemed to be normal. I just didn't expect anything like that to be going on," said Crystal Taylor, neighbor.

Police are not releasing much information but the investigation remains active.

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