Woman testifies against boyfriend Heriberto Viramontes in Bucktown bat attack trial

October 22, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Lundgren reluctantly walked before news crews after testifying against her former boyfriend. She was pregnant in April 2010 with Heriberto Viramontes' child.

Viramontes is on now on trial. He is accused of robbing and beating Stacy Jurich and Natasha McShane with a baseball bat in the Bucktown neighborhood.

Lundgren agreed to testify when the States Attorney's office reduced an unrelated charge from a felony to a misdemeanor for which she is currently on probation. Lundgren identified a tattoo Viramontes has, his clothing and his voice for jurors. She also told jurors she got into Marcy Cruz's van with Viramontes the morning of the alleged attack.

On Monday, jurors heard from Marcy Cruz. Cruz has a plea agreement with the State.

She pleaded guilty to being involved in the attack for a lesser sentence and agreed to testify against Viramontes. Cruz testified Viramontes got out of the van with a baseball bat and returned a few minutes later with two purses.

Cruz told jurors she drove the van away when Viramontes returned and they went through the purses.

On Tuesday, jurors also heard from a finger print expert. He showed jurors partial prints from a plastic shopping bag believed to have been Natasha McShane's. He testified that part of a print found on the bag matches Viramontes' finger print.

Under cross examination by defense attorneys, the fingerprint expert acknowledged that he did not compare the fingerprints found on the bag to other men or to others in the state's criminal database.

The state expects to play audio recordings of Mr. Viramontes' phone calls he allegedly made after the attack before the state rests. Defense attorneys for Mr. Viramontes are expected to begin calling witnesses on Wednesday.

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