11/12/13 date brings weddings, babies

November 12, 2013 (CHICAGO)

They are really just three numbers - 11/12/13. But to some they are much more. And that's when you make a date to spend the date at the Cook County Clerk's Office and get married. On 11/12/13.

"Well we are actually having our wedding in Cancun, Mexico, but we wanted to get legally married in the city of Chicago. So when 11/12/13 only happens once, we thought today would be the day," said newlyweds Jacob Wahler and Joanna Folz.

"Easy to remember, it's her choice," said John Sullivan, newlywed to Lisa Baker.

Veronica Jaimes and Brandon Celio were married by Circuit Court Judge Steven Bernstein in a brief ceremony. A short wedding but one designed to last forever.

These sequential dates only happen at the beginning of new centuries. For instance, last October we had 10/11/12. And next December we have 12/13/14. And we don't have another one until 2103. So when it happens, take advantage. Get married.

Or have a baby.

At Rush University Medical Center, Burcu Kusculuogla and her husband welcomed their baby girl Serra early Tuesday morning on 11/12/13.

"I thought about it and wondered if she'd be born on that day, and she came out that day. She's something special," she said. "It's very special."

Christina Anderson was in labor waiting for the birth of son Ryan, and it better not be after midnight, she said.

"It's not going to happen," she said. "The nurses won't want to come in here if that's the case."

Fortunately, Ryan was born just after ABC7's crew left, and he did not weigh 11:12:13.

The Cook County Clerk's Office said at least 54 couples were married 11/12/13, compared to about 15-20 on a normal weekday. Several of the couples waited to be married at 2:15 p.m., making it 11/12/13, 14:15.

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