CTA Ventra riders lash out at board ahead of budget vote

November 13, 2013 (CHICAGO)

There are continued complaints about Ventra, but there are details about what's being done to reduce those complaints and improve the system.

The regular meeting for the CTA addressed little regarding the new payment system for riders Ventra.

The system's president Forrest Claypool says a new software program on the rail lines is improving service but not enough to set a deadline for riders to transition fully.

"Once the numbers hit 99 percent on the timing of the system, once we have a call center that has the capacity and the quality, and level of service that I'm comfortable with, then and only then will we proceed," Claypool said.

Last week Claypool with Mayor Emanuel said Ventra's parent company Cubic would not get paid until the system showed better results and ease for riders.

Tuesday night at a hearing regarding CTA's budget many of the comments where about Ventra.

Some Riders report widespread problems using the new system.

While payments are being withheld, the CTA board approved a budget Wednesday for next year that does not raise fares or reduce service but includes future payment to Cubic.

O'Kema Lewis signed up to speak at Wednesday's meeting.

She had trouble with buses not reading her new Ventra card. One ride the driver allowed her to get on and others who were having trouble with their Ventra cards.

She worries about other times if the driver isn't so flexible.

"I want to address it and I want to address it in a way that says it's not just about me," she said. "I don't know who else this is happening to, but I watch it take place and it's a concern," she said.


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