Missing doctor's car found in Portage, Indiana; Teleka Patrick last seen in Kalamazoo, Michigan

December 19, 2013 (PORTAGE, Ind.)

Doctor Teleka Patrick, 30, was last seen on surveillance video on December 5th. After an evening out, she tried to get a room at a Kalamazoo hotel that was a short distance from her home. Her parents say she didn't have enough money, so instead she went to her car. About two hours later, her car was found in a ditch in Portage, Indiana.

"My family is distraught. Everybody is just wondering where she is. We've been calling each other, praying with each other. Folks are having dreams about her at night thinking where she could be," Dwayne Duncombe, Patrick's cousin, said.

Patrick's family says she received a mysterious phone call the day before she vanished, but they don't know who it was from.

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