Target offers discount to holiday shoppers following credit card breach

A massive security breach puts millions of Target store customers at risk as the retailer confirms the credit and debit card information of about 40 million shoppers has been compromised.

December 21, 2013 2:20:47 PM PST
Target is working to make good with its customers after debit and credit card data for about 40 million customers was stolen from its system.

The store is offering a 10 percent discount Saturday, Dec. 21 and Sunday, Dec. 22.

ABC News has learned that a large number of the 40 million cards are now being sold on the black market. New York police sources say the stolen information is selling in batches of one million cards at a time, possibly though the internet.

Target says there are few reports of fraud. The store says the problem has been fixed and is also offering a free credit monitoring service.

The theft is considered the second- largest credit breach in U.S. history.