Retired firefighter's passion for trains; Gary's Chuck Horton created an entire village

December 29, 2013 5:27:09 PM PST
Chuck Horton is a retired Gary firefighter with a passion for toy trains and for the past 35-years he's turned two train sets into an entire village that takes over a room in his home.

He's says he's especially proud of his Christmas set, which has moving sections and is about 20 years old.

Horton explains his passion for trains started when he was a boy.

"My foster brother, he broke his train and he threw it away and I went out and fixed it," he said. "And he took it back. So I told myself, 'One day I'll get me a train set,' and this is what I have."

Horton said he brings out his prized pieces in the beginning of December and it takes him about three days to put it all together.

But he needs about two weeks to perfect the scene.