Chicago flights canceled: 1,100 at O'Hare, 190 at Midway

More than 1,200 Chicago flights were canceled at the city's two airports as a deep freeze lingers in the city. It's the third day of major cancellations.
January 7, 2014 7:15:46 PM PST
Frustrations are running high at Chicago airports after the frigid air has kept planes on the ground for another day.

The city's Department of Aviation says Tuesday that airlines have canceled nearly 1,200 flights. Most of the cancellations - 1,100 of them - were reported at O'Hare International Airport. Another 190 were canceled at Midway International Airport, where delays were about 35 minutes.

On Monday, airlines canceled about 1,700 flights at the two airports, while 1,300 were canceled Sunday when nearly foot of snow fell on the city.

Sathiya Vadlamani is trying to get to Charlotte on business from India.

''When I came here the flight was canceled. so I have been here for two days and now, I have a standby flight for 4:35 p.m., and so we will see,'' Vadlamani said.

Carol McCardell has made several trips to O'Hare over the last four days as her son was supposed to leave for New York on Saturday.

She says his flight is scheduled to take off today but she's waiting just in case.

Arnett McKenzie's stay in New York was extended due to several canceled flights but he finally made it home.

''I was only sorry for the people that had to be out and caught in the storm, McKenzie said. ''But it's great to be back home,'' he said.

United Airlines still was operating reduced schedules at its hubs in Chicago, Cleveland and Newark, N.J., partly because it was dangerous for ramp workers to be loading bags outside in the extreme cold.

Temperatures are expected to warm up and reach 5 degrees by Tuesday evening, which is a good sign for travelers struggling to reach a final destination.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.