Robbers hit Near North Side parking garages

January 14, 2014 7:32:59 PM PST
People who park in garages in downtown Chicago are being targeted by armed robbers, and police need help in tracking them down.

A police alert went out Tuesday about two incidents on New Year's Day. One was in the 100-block of West Superior, and the other in the 100-block of East Chestnut.

Investigators say two armed men approached people parked in garages, and demanded money. In the robbery on Chestnut, they took the victim's car.

"They saw a single woman by herself, saw her get into her car, they drove up behind the car, blocked in the car, then got out with the gun and said give me your money," said Sgt. Edward Wodnicki, Chicago Police Department.

Investigators say the men were driving a black 4-door Hyundai with tinted windows and a sunroof.