Oscar Party Ideas

March 1, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Jena Cherry, Senior Sales and Event Manager at Rockit Ranch Productions, came into our ABC 7 Eyewitness News studio to share ideas for an award- worthy viewing party. She also shared details about an Oscar Party that raises funds for Vital Bridges Center on Chronic Care, a program of Heartland Health Outreach.

Vital Nights - Oscar Party 2014
March 2, 2014
6 - 10 p.m.
The Underground
56 W. Illinois
Admission: $50
Wear your red carpet best and enjoy the live broadcast of this year's Academy Awards with drinks, appetizers, contests, and raffles.
All proceeds benefit Vital Bridges Center on Chronic Care, a program of Heartland Health Outreach.

Jena's Tips:
1. Oscar Party Tips:

  • Visit www.Oscar.org to print out ballots for your guests to use. Use the ones provided, or get creative and design your own!
  • Create your own Oscar-themed games to play during commercial breaks, such as Oscar bingo, best dressed contests, and more.
  • Send your guests off in style; party favors let your guests remember the night. Champagne splits, blockbuster baskets with movie tickets and candy or bags of gourmet popcorn.
  • Create personalized invites that draw inspiration from Oscar nominees.
  • Encourage guests to dress to the nines for the big night. Dole out your own Academy Awards for best dressed.
  • Don't forget the music! Create an Oscar-themed playlist to play during commercial breaks. Play "Guess the movie" for added fun.

2. Oscar Decor Tips

  • Set the stage with elegant glassware, fresh flowers, glitzy and themed accessories.
  • Welcome guests in star-style with inexpensive yardage of red fabric as the red carpet, snap photos paparazzi style as guests arrive, and invite your party-goers to get into the mood by acting as entertainment news personalities.
  • Use the glamour of Hollywood as a jumping off point for your décor. Stars, lighting and red carpets all add to the atmosphere of your party. A palate of gold, red, black and white will set the mood.
  • Visit your local party supply store to get inspired. Oscar parties have become so popular that you'll see a wide range of décor items with different themes and fun giveaways like mini statuettes.
  • If you're going DIY, check out popular sites like Pinterest for easy tips and tricks.
  • Draw upon your favorite Oscar nominee for inspiration to stand out. Captain Phillips can have a nautical bent, American Hustle would be all things '70s, and Gravity could be out of this world.

3. Oscar Food and Cocktail Tips

  • Themed food and cocktail spreads can add to the party mood. A Movie Star Popcorn Bar is the perfect snack station where guests can create their own signature gourmet popcorns. Set the table with bowls of fresh hot popcorns and various sweet and savory toppings. Keep the theme going with red and white popcorn bags. Go upscale with large champagne flutes as popcorn holders.
  • Bubbles are the beverage choice for most movie stars. Scatter ice buckets around the room with various champagnes and sparkling grape fruit juices (for those looking for a non-alcoholic choice). Add a touch of whimsy by adding a little red fabric bow tie to each bottle.
  • Utilize your local grocery store's pre-made section for cheese plates, vegetable plates and more to create a spread with easy-to-make finger foods that will wow guests.
  • Keep snacks bite sized so snacking and sipping is easier for guests.
  • Include a selection of mocktails on your beverage menu for those looking for non-alcoholic sippables.
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