Elmhurst kazoo marching Armpit Orchestra to perform at St. Patrick's Day parade

March 6, 2014 (ELMHURST, Ill.)

Well, at least that's what those "leaders" told ABC7 Eyewitness reporter Frank Mathie.

The first of many 2014 St. Patrick's Day parades takes place Saturday in Elmhurst.

Some guys just never grow up. That's what women say about men and once again maybe they're right. A group of prominent Elmhurst businessmen including a retired judge, bankers, lawyers, successful business owners and even an undertaker are a part of a kazoo marching orchestra practicing in Villa Park.

They're rehearsing for this Saturday's Elmhurst St. Patrick's Day parade.

''We're just a bunch of business leaders in the Elmhurst community and we're big parade fans. We love the St. Patrick's Parade and we're marching this year for the sixth straight year providing entertainment,'' said Rich Richert, co-founder of the Elmhurst Armpit Orchestra

E.A.O that's the group's abbreviated title and it stands for "Elmhurst Armpit Orchestra" and no one would explain why they have this name, but the whole idea for the E.A.O is inspired by actor Bill Murray.

''He's our actual inspiration. Bill led a rag tag bunch or Army recruits in the movie Stripes and he inspired us. That's where we learned our moves,'' Richter said.

You can see those moves in the precision marching as the orchestra steps to the beat of what they say is the world's largest drum that's nine feet in diameter. And if you think this whole thing is the result of some guys sitting around and having a few drinks…you're right.

''At my wedding I made the mistake of having an open bar, and a few of the guys got together at a table drinking'', said Undertaker and kazoo player Scott Ahlgrin.

And this is the result, and once again they will risk their professional reputations and march. Even though kazoos are the world's easiest instruments to play, they still take time to rehearse.

''We rehearse once a year whether we need it or not,'' Ahlgrin said.

By the way, they don't just march for fun; they are marching to raise money to find a cure for cystic fibrosis.

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