Chicago potholes audit on private contractors' work

March 6, 2014 (CHICAGO)

CDOT officials want to know if streets paved by private contractors within the last year are succumbing to potholes, which can lead to major damage on cars. If so, the city plans to work to get them repaired or the city reimbursed under quality assurance warranties.

"We used taxpayer money to repave our streets, and must ensure that we are not paying additional costs because of contractors' poor materials or craftsmanship," said Ald. Carrie Austin (34). "Wentworth Avenue was resurfaced in my ward last year, and there are cracks already forming this year. We should examine our streets to see if contractors should be held responsible, and I am pleased that CDOT is undertaking this effort."

About 100 miles of arterial streets were paved by private utilities and contractors in 2013 that are still under warranty.

"CDOT staff will continue to examine these repaved streets, review any pothole complaints, and will seek either repairs or reimbursement for work already performed by City staff," said CDOT Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld. "Under the standard one-year warranty for materials and workmanship, the newly improved streets should have endured this winter."

CDOT said that so far this winter city crews have filled more than 215,000 potholes. To see where city crews are working, check out the Pothole Tracker application at

To report a pothole, call 311 or visit

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