Porter County sheriff's officer saves toddler's life

March 28, 2014

It happened Wednesday at the Porter County home of 21-month-old Olivia Turnick. Turnick's mother, Shirley Hollifield, called 911 when the toddler's lips turned blue and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Porter County Sheriff's Sergeant Jeremy Chavez happened to be just around the corner and arrived within a minute of the call.

"I flipped her over did some black blows and then did some compressions, and just performed first aid for a choking infant. A couple seconds later, she started crying, and I knew with her crying, she was getting oxygen, so it was good to hear," said Sgt. Chavez.

"It was like an angel at my front door, I just prayed and he showed up. I'll never ever be able to thank him enough," said Hollifeld.

Doctors say a fever from an ear infection likely caused a seizure. Olivia is now doing fine.

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