Scammers use QR codes to embed malicious links, BBB says

CHICAGO (WLS) -- QR codes are more popular than ever! Companies can have consumers scan them for links to restaurant menus, app downloads, shopping promotions and more.

But QR codes cannot be read by the human eye, making it easy for scammers to disguise a predatory link without consumers taking a closer look.

The Better Business Bureau has seen an uptick in reports of con artists using QR codes to mislead consumers to open malicious websites and collect personal information or login credentials.

If someone you know sends you a QR code, confirm with them before scanning it to ensure they haven't been hacked.

If you receive an unsolicited message from a stranger, don't scan the QR code, even if they promise exciting promotions.

Watch for QR codes that may look tampered or damaged. Scammers can alter legitimate business advertisements by placing a fake QR code over a real one.

You can install a QR scanner with added security that can detect dangerous links before you open them.
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