Chicago mayoral election: Brandon Johnson garners endorsements, but hasn't yet announced run

Chicago mayoral election to be held Feb. 28, 2023

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Friday, September 30, 2022
Brandon Johnson endorsed in mayor's race, but hasn't yet announced run
Brandon Johnson hasn't announced a run for Chicago mayor, yet he already has endorsements from the Chicago Teachers Union and United Working Families.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- For Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson, there's no cutting corners when it comes to building a political coalition.

The West Side resident hasn't officially announced a run for mayor, yet he has already garnered endorsements from the Chicago Teachers Union and United Working Families.

"I'm organizing across the city to build the type of coalition that can deliver a win for all of Chicago," Johnson said.

United Working Families says endorsing a candidate early - even before he enters the race - is vital to beating Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

"When you are the underdog and up against opponents with a lot of money, you can never get back the time you lose," said Emma Tai, executive director of United Working Families.

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The progressive organization says it was not about to wait for Congressman Chuy Garcia to make a decision. Garcia asked United Working Families to hold off on mayoral endorsements until he makes up his mind.

"We tried to get clarity of the time he is asking for," Tai said. "I think if it was two, five, seven days, I think it would of been a different conversation, but again, time just really being of the essence here."

It's time needed for Johnson to get his name out there, something unions and political organizations can help with. Although, two of the last mayoral candidates the Chicago Teachers Union backed did not win.

"That's why I'm intentional about my announcement," Johnson said. "The Chicago Teacher's Union - as much power as they bring - is not going to be enough."

In the meantime, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is giving voters an early gift. She announced plans to hold off on a property tax hike because city revenues are better than expected.

"The timing is totally political," ABC7 political analyst Laura Washington said. "She has a mayor's race in a few months and she wants to make sure she is the best position politically. And no one likes a tax increase, especially now."

Brandon Johnson is expected to officially announce a run for mayor within the next two weeks. He will join, as of now, at least eight others hoping to unseat Lightfoot.