Active Duty Military and Veterans Gifted Bridal Gowns

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Bridal gowns gifted to these Veterans and Active Duty brides.
Veterans day was extra special for some very deserving military couples.

These military couples know exactly what it means to sacrifice-but thanks to this bridal and photography company, they won't have to make a decision between having the dress of their dreams and spending a fortune.

The special event was created by the management at Bellasposa Bridal & Photography, including assistant manager Caren Carrillo. It is meant to give active duty military brides brand new bridal gowns for free.

This allows military brides to have the wedding that they want with out the stress of purchasing a dress. Which is helpful for these brides because many aren't able to take honeymoons due to deployment and cost, and this can free up a costly expense within their bridal budget. The event was held on Veterans day because many of the brides are off in celebration of the holiday.

This year Bellasposa Bridal & Photography were able to give 40 brides gowns for their weddings!