No bail for man charged in brutal Chinatown attack that left 61-year-old with brain inquires

Police said a total of 4 offenders were involved, however, just one man is now in custody as 3 others are being sought

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Saturday, September 24, 2022
No bail for man charged in brutal Chinatown attack
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Police announced charges Friday in the carjacking and beating of a 61-year-old father in Chicago's Chinatown five months ago.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The man charged in the April Chinatown carjacking and beating of 61-year-old Jin Lew was denied bail Saturday.

Police announced charges Friday against 18-year-old Termaine Patterson. He is facing multiple felonies, including attempted murder and aggravated vehicular hijacking.

WATCH: Police announce charges after suspect arrested in Chinatown carjacking, beating of Jin Lew

The arrest comes five months after Lew was robbed and severely beaten near 25th Place and Princeton. He was found unconscious by a street sweeper.

Police said a total of four offenders were involved in this brutal attack, however, just Patterson is now in custody as the three others are being sought. A juvenile has also been arrested for possession of Lew's stolen vehicle, but not in connection with the attack, police added.

Investigators said surveillance video on the morning of April 7 showed Lew in his vehicle being trailed by another vehicle, which police said was stolen. The video then shows the moments before and after the attack as several offenders run to and from Lew's location.

Police said they were able to track the suspects, in part, through Lew's stolen credit cards.

"Credit card was used at several locations and then based upon where it was used, the detectives were able to go gather some video, which eventually led to us getting some better facial shots of these offenders," said Chief Brendan Deenihan, with the Chicago Police Department.

"I think when things like this happen, it's very easy for people in the public to be discouraged about whether or not crimes are being solved. This is a case in point, the hard work of the Chicago Police Department," said 11th Ward Alderwoman Nicole Lee.

Family members said Lew spent about a month in a coma after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. He's undergone multiple surgeries and relatives said he's now in a rehabilitation facility. He's able to walk with the aid of a walker and he's able to talk, but he still needs 24-hour supervision.

One of Lew's sons said the family is relieved and grateful for the efforts of CPD. They said a weight has been lifted from their shoulders with this arrest and the family is now hoping for justice while remaining focused on caring for their father.